So you know everything about my business and what I do, but do you really know me? Get to know me a little better below.

I have loved art and creating ever since I was little, but it really hit off while I was at school, I was always doodling and drawing or painting when I could, but I was always quite techy too. Which really helped me get to where I am today. 

Now after working professionally in Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, I've gained so much experience over the past few years doing what I love. I got married in 2018, and thanks to this experience, created my own invitations and wedding stationery (mainly as I couldn't find the designs I liked). A lot of people I know were complimenting me so highly on them and asked if I would consider doing them for others, and that's what led me to the passion and love I have for my business, which I know will continue to grow.


I love creating new things and experimenting with different effects and tools to make designs really pop. Only thing is though, I have so many ideas in my head sometimes I don't know which one to try first! I won't give up with a design until I have exhausted all the options I can think of, I think perseverance is key.

Even if people have a crazy design idea in mind, I will try my very best to bring it to life as it is in their head, so let me know if you're after a bespoke wacky, fun design. 

Things you may not know about me:

Favourite hobby: Swimming, I absolutely love the water!

Favourite art: Either graphic design or painting, I love both! 

Favourite type of film: I'm very odd, either it's a dark crime thriller, or a Disney film

Favourite animal: Panda

Dog or cat: Definitely dogs, I love most animals but I have a Patterdale Terrior called Ralph (no connection to the Disney film Wreck-it-Ralph of course!) 

Best day out: Going to the beach to play in the arcades, 2p machines are just the best