6 affordable ways to keep your guests entertained at the table on your wedding day

We all know that some games and wedding activities can be pricey, but they don't have to break the bank, here are a few ways your guests can have a little fun on your big day without the hefty price tag and without them having to leave the room.

Wedding day activities are always a hit with guests, chatter and drinks are great but little activities are a fantastic way for guests to break the ice and keep everyone smiling to avoid any awkward moments. So here's my top 6 affordable wedding activity ideas that mean guests remain in the room.

1. Quiz cards

How well do your guests really know you both as a couple? Find out with these sweet quiz cards, the best bit is you can make them as funny as you like. Make sure to include a range of questions to suit all your guests and don't make them too easy, if only some people know the answers it will encourage them to mix with other guests and get them chatting.

2. I spy

A little bit different from the traditional game we know but it's a great way to get extra photos from your day of things you may miss. Encourage your guests to find fun, quirky and cute photos to add to your memories and quest them to find a list of photos you'd like to capture.

3. Wedding dares

A great bit of fun for those outgoing guests and even the kids to join in with. Have them scattered around the room or on tables, even mix up the dares if you like. Include dares such as robot dancing, ordering a drink in a foreign language, high fives, hugging and taking sneaky pictures. These will keep guests entertained all day long.

4. Kids activities

If you're having children present at your big day and you're worried about how to entertain them, especially during speeches, then consider a kids activity pack, mat or box. Fill them with all sorts of such as sweets, bubbles, balloons, colouring books and games to keep them occupied and sitting at the table.

5. Sparklers

Sparklers are a lovely activity that all ages can be involved in. You can even get personalised tags to add to the sparklers to instruct guests. The best part of course, they make some of the most beautiful photos so it's a win win for you. Probably best to keep it until it's dark though!

6. Advice cards

A shorter activity in length but guests love these. Ask your guests for the best advice they've got for a long and happy marriage. Some guests will go for the heartfelt message but some may just give you the most sarcastic or hilarious advice, leave them on tables and then read them after your wedding for a laugh.

I hope this helps you planning your special day, enjoy it and remember to choose whatever makes you happy, it's your day after all. Remember, don't break the budget too much!

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