Choosing a design

Stuck on your invitation design? Not sure what you want? Don't worry, if you follow these steps, you'll soon pin down a design.

I need help with my invitations, how do I choose a design?

Choosing invitations can be messy, but if you actually sit down and decide what you're looking for, it makes the search a lot easier, and remember, if you can't find one that exists you like, there are ways of getting bespoke designs created for you (like me!).

Here's my guide to choosing your design and how to request a bespoke design to get the look you're after.

So you've decided on your budget and how many inserts you need etc etc (if you haven't, stop reading now and check out my blog on wedding invitations), but no idea with the design, hopefully this will help.

STEP 1: Theme

Whether you have a theme or just a colour scheme, this will immediately rule out a lot of designs. For example, if you're having a game of thrones or sci-fi theme, this instantly eliminates floral, bright or glitter designs.

STEP 2: Colours

Colours don't play a massive part as most designs you see can be changed colour wise, but it's helpful to know what you're after colour wise, and if you're looking at bright or pastel.

STEP 3: Style

Linked to theme and colour, are you going for a rustic look, classy, maybe glam, modern, fun (super-hero, funfair etc.), traditional, medieval. The list is pretty extensive but this is a big help with reducing your options. It's very hard to rule it in or out if you don't know if it fits what you're going for, you also want it to reflect the whole feel for the day you're planning so bear this in mind.

STEP 4: Can I find it already made or do I need to go bespoke?

The above 3 steps should get you to a point where you find something you like, whether it is bang on exact or the design but on a pocket instead of corcetina, you can work with that. The decision then is can I find it and request that change or tweak, or does it exist at all? Then you can consider going bespoke. With a lot of bespoke design you do pay a lot extra, but I try to keep mine minimal, they may be a bit more than my set designs but usually they are around the same depending on the specifications, and remember, I always work within your budget.


Google specific ideas or terms, not just 'Wedding invitations', this will bring up so many results that you're overwhelmed before you've started.

I can't find what I want, how do I go about a bespoke design?

The answer is simple. just contact a designer (preferably me of course!).

Most designers will be able to help you straight away pinning down what you're after. BUT, if you're worried about the time it takes, you can reduce the timescale drastically by informing them of the below:

Steps 1-3 from above are a must.

If you just say pink, you could create thousands of designs around pink, so be a bit more specific if you can, what kind of pink, ie. baby, blush, dusky, fuschia, and what style, there is a massive difference between a rustic design and a modern or classy one, they all have their own characteristics.

Once you've outlined this, try and give a bit of detail about you as a couple, this can really help us understand what kind of things you will like or not like.

If there's something specific you don't like, say! There is nothing more I love than a 'fussy' brief, because it actually gives me a direction. Here's an example of a good solid brief and one that would mean you are most likely going to be reviewing a lot of 'not quite right' designs.


I am after a classy, romantic, pretty design to incorporate rose gold glitter, blush pink and ivory. Maybe with some flowers but not too much. We really like the traditional style.


I want a design that's nice, our colour is blue.

Can you see the difference?

The first one tells me it needs to be soft and subtle to give a romantic feel, not too bold, a delicate approach to give it class, a nice traditional style with the wording and fonts, and maybe minimal colour on an ivory card, soft roses or flowers and a tad of glitter to keep it pretty and classy.

The second, tells me, it could be any shade of blue, navy, baby, teal, cyan, aqua, royal, dusky. 'Nice' is a subjective term, so, nice to me, wouldn't necessarily be nice to you.

There's nothing wrong with the second brief, but if you are looking to have a smooth experience in a timely manner, go for something like the first option and add that detail, because it will save a lot of time and going back for more information.

With a good brief a designer can go off straight away and come back pretty soon with a design that's almost perfect, which will hopefully help you enjoy your design experience more and you can be excited to get them rather than be wishing it was all over.

I hope this has helped you in some way, and if you do need anything please ask, I'm happy to point you in the right direction.

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