Colour trends for 2020 Weddings

The top colour trends for 2020 Weddings. Find out what the top colour schemes are for next year to help you decide for your big day

A colour scheme is one of the first things Brides of today choose, whether it be one colour, a mix or rainbow, either way, it can be difficult to select that colour combination you love. Here's the top trends for 2020 Weddings that may help you out.

1. Mint Mint green is a colour that used to be strayed away from, but for weddings today, a popular pastel choice. Mint green can go with a range of other colours including creams, white, silver, even purple but is lovely as is. Most popular amongst Spring weddings but of course can be used any time of year. Definitely a fresh, soft tone.

2. Royal Blue A classic colour choice for those traditional weddings. Feel like royalty and choose royal blue, this can be mixed with practically any colour and will still look amazing. This will definitely stand out and give your day that royal bliss.

3. Lilac/Lavender A more modern pastel choice but increasingly popular. Go for a feminine, subtle look with a pale purple. A beautiful colour to compliment most skin tones and hair colours (for those lovely bridesmaids). Lilac will clash against those bolder colours, but if you're sticking to a pastel look, it's a great colour choice. Most popular in the summer or spring.

4. Grey and yellow A very popular choice these days, grey is used quite often these days with other colour such as dusky pink, purple, blue or green, yet yellow seems to be most popular. We know that everything yellow may be a bit much, but put with grey it creates a very classy and subtle colour scheme for any time of year. I've seen it used both in Winter and Spring and either looks lovely, it will add that ray of sunshine to your perfect day.

5. Blush pink This is a remaining favourite for many Brides, a popular trend for many years on the trot. If you want to add pink to your day without it looking like Barbie's playhouse (which may be upsetting your lovely partner), maybe go for blush. It has a slight peachy tone and is perfect for a subtle pastel look. It will brighten any room and give a fresh look for any summer or spring big day.

6. Burgundy A very popular choice especially for winter weddings adding a warm colour to those cold days. Burgundy is likely to go well with many colours including greens, gold, pink, white, cream and even orange for that autumnal feel.

7. Sage green A surprisingly popular choice. Sage is a darker shade of green for that natural foliage feel. Mainly used with a rustic theme but can be used alongside other colours or a lovely marble look for more of a classy style. This colour can be used any time of year but most commonly used for winter weddings or just those where bright colours are avoided for simplistic or natural approach.

8. Navy Blue I may be biased as I used this in my own colour scheme but it is a lovely choice for weddings. Navy on its own is quite often maybe too dark, but try putting it with a lighter or pastel colour and it will look beautiful, classy and elegant. A colour that will compliment almost any other and a fabulous gender neutral option.

9. Cadbury purple A new found favourite this year. Cadbury purple is a rich royal purple and looks beautiful at weddings. Mix it with another lighter colour, maybe even gold (ensuring it doesn't look too willy wonka of course!), and you have yourself a lovely bold colour scheme to suit any season and style.

10. Rose gold and blush pink Blush pink has been mentioned but a very popular choice is rose gold, most commonly used alongside the blush pink favourite. Rose gold is a beautiful, classy colour that compliments many others. A lot of brides incorporate it as that bit of glam and shine for that extra wow-factor. Again, any time of year for this choice, but mostly used for summer and autumn weddings.

I hope you've found this useful and maybe you've decided on one of these lovely colours after reading this, if so, please do let me know, I love hearing about all your planning. If you're struggling still you can check out my blog on choosing a colour scheme for more hints and tips.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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