Wedding colour schemes - the possibilities feel endless!

Too many colours to choose from? Feeling stuck? Here's a quick guide on how to pick a colour scheme that works for you.

I can't choose, where do I start?

I see and hear this question a lot more often than you'd think. For some, colours are easy and they know exactly what they want, for others, they like every colour in the book, they like a colour but are told they can only have it in a certain season, or they just don't like anything they've seen. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's easier than you think and no, you don't have to stick to peach in the summer and burgundy in the Autumn.

The easiest place to start is the Season, if there are too many options and you're theming your decor on a season, this can reduce the colours that work well. For example, if you're having an autumnal pumpkin theme, you may want to reconsider a baby pink colour scheme.

If your issue isn't seasons but just that there are too many colours, why not try picking yours and your partners favourite colours, make a special combination of the two colours and you've got yourself a colour scheme.

I've picked a colour but it's so dark, it may be too much

If you've found that colour you love, maybe deep purple or navy blue, but you feel it may overpower everything, why not mix in a light pastel colour to lighten it. For example, mix in an ivory, silver, cream, white or gold.

I don't think I want a colour scheme

Some people may say you have to have a colour scheme. You absolutely do not! Everything about your Wedding is YOUR choice, you could mix every colour of the rainbow if you wanted and it would still work. So go for it, it's your day.


A really nice way to having no particular colour scheme which is really popular and in right now, is to have white and foliage. Very simplistic, but it does look classy and never too much.

So all in all, it's your day, your wedding and your choice. If you want to splash colur everywhere, do it, if you want pastel, do it. Don't be scared to mix colours together, or have a few different colours to make up your scheme. Or if you're really stuck, go seasonal anyway and it will limit your options down for you.

Either way, do what makes you happy, and you'll have an amazing day whatever the colour.

I hope this has helped some of you.

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