Wedding invitations - the struggle is real

Struggling with invites? Feel like they are taking over your life? Here's some tips to help you find what you need

Where do I start?

Invitations are a lovely way to invite your guests to your big day. In this digital world now a lot of people are resulting to digital invites or wedding websites. I may be biased but I still prefer a physical invite, there's a nice personal touch to it and it shows you've made that extra effort. So you've decided to go for a physical invite, question is, what will it look like?

There are tonnes and tonnes of options and pages full of different styles, shapes, sizes, materials, layouts and designs to choose from, it can be so hard to find the one you like. So here are my tips on how to pin down what you're after.

Don't start with the invites

It may sound odd but if you start with the invites you will very quickly become overwhelmed with the options. First, decide your budget, invites can vary from pence to pounds each dramatically so be sure to figure out how much you want to spend and how many you need as this can affect price the most.

What do you need?

Then you can start your search, one thing to figure out is, how much information do you need to give your guests? If the answer is not much, then don't try to add lots of inserts and cards in to make them look better, keep to what you need and it will keep the cost down.

Look at your options for what you need, if you need lots of cards, can you get an all in one instead like a corcetina? Can I add it all in onto one card? Or do I want a pocket filled with cards? Figure out if you want people to RSVP to you or just via email or phone. If it's the latter, you don't actually need an RSVP card, if you can afford them and you'd like the traditional aspect then by all means go ahead, they are a lovely addition, but if your budget doesn't cater for these, leave them out.

Choose a design

Design comes last, now you've decided your style whether it be pocket, corcetina, basic print, vellum, or even perspex, you can now explore your design. Designs can be adapted to fit any style so don't worry about this. Be careful though, the more you add, the higher the price so look out for that, especially with adding things like ribbon or foil.

Enjoy your invite design journey and if you need anything feel free to ask.

See my blog on choosing a design or requesting a bespoke one for more details on design.

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