Personalised stickers - prices from £0.15

Personalised stickers - prices from £0.15

Stickers can be created and designed around any theme and style. These are ideal for favours, sweet jars, wine bottle labels, gifts, candles and more.


The price for stickers start at £0.15 each, this is for a standard printed sticker, 37mm round. However the below options are also available:


  • Other sizes: 25mm, 64mm, 76mm, 88mm
  • Other shapes: rectangular, square, heart
  • Other types: clear, matte laminate, gloss laminate, foiled, waterproof


They also can come uncoated, matt coated, with a gloss finish, waterproof, or even clear. 


Delivery costs are calculated subject to the quantity ordered. 


There may be discount applied with bulk orders, this will be applied to your quote.